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Questions With Attitude – Graduate Training


Running an AML course for a retail bank graduate group recently, it was fascinating to compare the questions they asked with those I would normally get from more senior staff. Here is a sample:

  1. “Given AML & Terrorist Financing are such big issues, why have so few people been prosecuted & imprisoned?”
  2. “If there are so many ‘malicious insiders’, why do banks not just spend loads of money rooting them out”?
  3. “When did the industry put reward/profit before risk”?
  4. “Why has London become such a magnet for financial criminals”?

It was great to have time throughout the day to discuss these issues and what we concluded was that there does seem to be a culture change happening, at least in the retail banking space, and new Graduates are an important part of this. Their parting shot though was that they would find it difficult to cope with targets and thorough compliance – the most complex of all conundrums!