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School of Financial Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Training


The Importance of Anti-Money Laundering Training

Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime is high of the agenda of Governments, financial institutions, corporates and many other organisations. Banks and those institutions who need to show regulatory bodies that their employees are aware of, and compliant with, global standards will find this course invaluable. Anyone with an interest in the topics will be able to improve their knowledge and skills through our market-leading courses.

We have trained thousands of delegates around the world to spot money laundering and Mark Anderson has been voted one of the leading trainers in this field – you and your colleagues can benefit from our 1-day Anti-Money Laundering training course, the No1 course taught by the No1 trainer!

When you learn with us, you experience exciting and innovative training from highly qualified experts: this is the CCPE difference. Our core Anti-Money Laundering training & Financial Crime training courses are outlined below. We are also able to tailor courses to client’s precise needs and offer one to one support which you can request at any time.

AML & Financial Crime

Below are the courses available within the School of AML & Financial Crime, each is tailored to the precise needs of the client so please feel free to call us for more details of each module.

Our Train the Trainer course teaches the staff of financial institutions to train our 1-day Anti-Money Laundering course thus saving clients money on external trainers. If you are interested in enquiring about any of our courses or just simply have some questions for us, feel free to Get In Touch, we’d love to hear from you!

AML & Financial Crime Read More

AML; Financial Crime courses cover:

  1. Anti-Money Laundering 1-day [a basic 1/2 day module is also available]
  2. Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime 2-days
  3. Business and Financial Ethics 1-day
  4. The Principles of Compliance 1-day
  5. Train the Trainer – AML & Financial Crime 5-days

Interested in our courses?

If you are interested in enquring about our courses or simply just want to ask some questions to find out more about us, feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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