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At CCPE, our trainers have worked on the graduate development programmes for many leading institutions – indeed our principals have set up and run graduate recruitment and training schemes worldwide. From running short introductory modules to planning, designing and delivering whole programmes, we are able to help you achieve world class graduate training.

This is achieved by the following means:

  1. Trainers who empathise with graduatesCCPE only uses trainers who understand the hopes, fears and aspirations of new graduate employees. Dealing with graduates requires a slightly different mindset than when dealing with more established members of staff and this should be reflected in the behaviour and tolerance of the trainer.
  1. Simulating the working environment, wherever possibleA purely academic approach to graduate training is unlikely to produce individuals with the practical skills necessary in the real work environment. By using case studies of real events and tying all the training to what is going on in the markets at present, delegates are able to search, enquire and experiment in a safe environment but one which, as far as possible, replicates real life. Which would you rather have, a graduate who knows ONLY theory or a graduate who has practical experience?
  1. Teamwork and social skillsCase-study based training, using morning meetings and teamwork, enables graduates to interact and work closely with their peers, improving personal skills and enhancing the learning experience. In addition, graduates will be using and improving their communication skills throughout the course.
  1. Accentuating the positiveAll our trainers will spend extra time with any graduate who needs help on a particular topic or topics – we recognise that diversity means that not everyone has the aptitude for all subjects. We will work closely with training managers to ensure that any problems of this nature are sorted out in a positive manner with an enhancement of knowledge and skill levels.
  1. No square pegs for round holesWe recognise that graduate programmes need to be tailored to suit the exact needs of the client – some may be shorter than others and place a heavy emphasis on different topics and they may have differing levels of difficulty. With a CCPE graduate course, your requirements will be met in full, whatever the level and length of the course.Our graduate programmes make a real difference to the quality and effectiveness of new staff – they help to mould graduates with a higher level of knowledge and skill and who are able to make an immediate contribution to the profitability of their organisation.

Interested in our courses?

If you are interested in enquring about our courses or simply just want to ask some questions to find out more about us, feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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