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School of Leadership & Management

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There are a thousand, ever-changing theories about leadership and management techniques. Our courses are designed to both create leaders and managers but also to give them practical techniques that will enable them to be successful in their roles. We believe that less theory and more practice is the key to becoming a first rate leader and our trainers work with delegates to achieve this.

All our courses can be combined where necessary and also tailored to meet your exact requirements.

School of Leadership & Management Courses

Below are all of the courses available within the School of Leadership & Management, feel free to read more about the modules that are covered within each course by clicking on the courses below. If you are interested in enquiring about any of our courses or just simply have some questions for us, feel free to Get In Touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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The Leadership & Management courses cover:

  1. Leadership Development Toolbox
    • Leadership theory
    • Leadership styles
    • Leadership vs Management
    • Becoming a Leader
  2. Management 101
    • What is management?
    • What do managers do?
    • Characteristics of a good manager
    • Management checklist
  3. 5-day Management Masterclass
  4. Managing People & Performance
    • Responsibilities of a manager – a performance culture
    • Types of performance management and systems
    • Setting goals and targets – quantitative & qualitative
    • Feedback and coaching
  5. Becoming a Supervisor or Team Leader
    • Understand yourself
    • Goal setting for yourselves and others
    • How to communicate
    • Motivational skills
  6. Managing Conflict
    • The root causes of conflict in the workplace
    • Dealing with relationships
    • Official and unofficial processes for conflict resolution
    • The importance of communication
    • Whistleblowing and sanctions
  7. Selecting Managers and Building Management Teams
    • Identifying strengths & weaknesses
    • Qualitative & quantitative factors
    • Making sure the whole is greater than the sum of the parts
    • Promotion and performance
  8. Becoming an Effective Executive Coach
    • Defining the role of the executive coach
    • Coaching styles
    • Building trust
    • Challenging, supporting & driving results
  9. Fundamentals of Change Management
    • Defining change management
    • Change management models
    • Change management techniques
    • Change management primer
  10. Planning for change & Change Management Readiness
    • Psychology of change
    • The stakeholders and their expectations
    • Understanding and charting the change process
    • Strategies for change
  11. Managing change delivery
    • Identifying and managing the risks of change
    • Communication skills in the change management process
    • Maximising the benefits of change
    • Delivery checklist
  12. Sponsorship for change
    • Types of sponsor – initiating, key & secondary sponsors
    • The sponsorship ladder
    • Dealing with blockages
    • Aligning sponsors with benefits
  13. Managing resistance to change
    • Identifying resistance
    • Types of resistance
    • The management process for dealing with resistance
    • Gaining acceptance from all parties
  14. Re-enforcing change
    • The importance of data & feedback
    • Auditing the change process and results
    • Identifying root causes and blockages
    • Change as a continual process, not an event

Interested in our courses?

If you are interested in enquring about our courses or simply just want to ask some questions to find out more about us, feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

+ 44 1284 760996